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Discover Siddharth Mahajan’s inspiring journey from Kerala to London. Learn about his educational background, professional milestones, and innovative ventures in real estate.

About Me

Siddharth Mahajan

Siddharth Mahajan’s journey epitomizes the fusion of passion, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Siddharth Mahajan’s life from the peaceful landscapes of Kerala to the bustling streets of London showcases his entrepreneurial essence and persistent passion. With a Bachelor’s in Hotel Management and an International Diploma in Hospitality, Sidd Mahajan formed his path to success.  As the founder of Tulip Real Estate Ltd, he reformed the industry with innovative homestay solutions. His legacy is a testament to dedication and innovation, inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs. Our diverse portfolio, ranging from residential to commercial developments, is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, fostering community connectivity, well-being, and environmental responsibility. Driven by a commitment to excellence, I strive to revolutionize urban living, leaving a legacy of transformative projects that enhance the quality of life and contribute positively to the urban fabric of the cities we operate in.

Explore Sidd Mahajan’s world, where passion thrives amidst the dynamic energy of London, UK

Journey & Achievements

Siddharth Mahajan

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Tulip Real Estate's Establishment

In a mere span of 9 years, Sidd Mahajan’s venture flourished, raising him to the status of a successful young Indian entrepreneur in the UK. With over 15 years of expertise in crafting exceptional homes, his real estate business now holds assets valued at 40 million pounds in London. Modifying to shifting market dynamics and evolving consumer preferences, Sidd Mahajan visualizes Tulip Real Estate as a leading, diversified property group thriving in the UK. His forward-thinking approach surrounds geographical expansion, sector diversification, enhanced property activities, operational excellence, and a strong management team, ensuring a promising trajectory for Tulip Real Estate under his leadership.

Siddharth Mahajan


Academic Excellence

Achieved over 90% in Hotel Management, securing prestigious campus placement.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Established successful business with innovation and dedication, gaining stellar reputation.

Visionary Leadership

Became a leading young Indian entrepreneur in the UK, inspiring professionals.

Pioneering HMO Concept

Revolutionized realty sector with community living approach, amassing significant wealth.

Business Expansion

wned seven HMOs and 47 properties under Tulip Real Estate Ltd.

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