Sidd Mahajan

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Tulip Real Estate’s Establishment


In a mere span of 9 years, Sidd Mahajan’s venture flourished, raising him to the status of a successful young Indian entrepreneur in the UK. With over 15 years of expertise in crafting exceptional homes, his real estate business now holds assets valued at 40 million pounds in London. Modifying to shifting market dynamics and evolving consumer preferences, Sidd Mahajan visualizes Tulip Real Estate as a leading, diversified property group thriving in the UK. His forward-thinking approach surrounds geographical expansion, sector diversification, enhanced property activities, operational excellence, and a strong management team, ensuring a promising trajectory for Tulip Real Estate under his leadership.

Vision and Mission

Sidd Mahajan envisions his businesses as benchmarks of service excellence, outstanding design, and strong financial performance. Upholding core values, Sidd excels as an asset manager, project designer, hotel operator, and investment fund manager. Expanding into the hotel industry and housing refurbishments, Tulip Real Estate aims to deliver unparalleled quality housing to the UK community.

Sidd Mahajan

Discover Siddharth Mahajan’s inspiring journey from Kerala to London. Learn about his educational background, professional milestones, and innovative ventures in real estate.

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